Index of Regulations-J

The Index of Regulations is a list of all consolidated Regulations of the Yukon in alphabetical order by act, with a corresponding reference to the paper copies of the Regulations of the Yukon published by the King's Printer. The index also includes the legislative history of all of the Orders-in-Council that have amended the regulations (and these amendments are included in the consolidated regulations). We consolidate the Regulations of the Yukon 4 times per year. This means that approximately every 3 months, we publish updates to the consolidated regulations to include any new regulations or changes to existing regulations. The consolidated regulations and the Index of Regulations are current to June 30, 2022, and we list any regulations enacted after that date as “new”.




Order No.

Effective Date of Order


Judicature Act

TAB NO. 185

Supreme Court (Judges Order)

C.O. 1962/62

03 May 1962


Forms - Clerk Accounts

C.O. 1969/20

22 Jan 1969


Rules of Court; Repealed by O.I.C. 2022/168

O.I.C. 2009/65

23 Apr 2009

Jun 30/09

- amended

O.I.C. 2012/21

08 Mar 2012

Mar 31/12


O.I.C. 2012/205

07 Dec 2012

Dec 31/12


O.I.C. 2014/143

30 Jul 2014

Sep 30/14

Office Hours of Clerk & Sheriff

O.I.C. 2013/143

09 Jul 2013

new Rules of Court; Repeals O.I.C. 2009/65 O.I.C. 2022/168 04 Oct 2022  


Order No.

Effective Date of Order


Jury Act


Yukon Juror Fees and Allowances Regulation

O.I.C. 2007/209

13 Dec 2007

Dec 31/07


Order No.

Effective Date of Order


Justice of the Peace Court Act

TAB NO. 77

See also Territorial Court Act


Justice of the Peace Court Regulations

O.I.C. 1982/130

18 Jun 1982

Jan 5/95

- amended

O.I.C. 1983/266

23 Dec 1983


M.O. 1990/01

01 Oct 1990



C.O. 1977/118

30 Jun 1977


Forms in Use

O.I.C. 1982/131

18 Jun 1982