Index of Regulations-N

The Index of Regulations is a list of all consolidated Regulations of the Yukon in alphabetical order by act, with a corresponding reference to the paper copies of the Regulations of the Yukon published by the King's Printer. The index also includes the legislative history of all of the Orders-in-Council that have amended the regulations (and these amendments are included in the consolidated regulations). We consolidate the Regulations of the Yukon 4 times per year. This means that approximately every 3 months, we publish updates to the consolidated regulations to include any new regulations or changes to existing regulations. The consolidated regulations and the Index of Regulations are current to December 31, 2022, and we list any regulations enacted after that date as “new”.




Order No.

Effective Date of Order


Notaries Act

TAB NO. 50

Notaries Regulation

O.I.C. 2015/241

01 Jan 2016

Dec 31/15