Table of Public Statutes-K

Part 1

The Statutes of Yukon were revised and consolidated to the end of 2002 and published as the Revised Statutes of the Yukon, 2002 ("RSY 2002"). As a result, acts that were in force at the end of 2002 (except for those referred to in Part 2 of the Table) were published in the RSY 2002 and any amendments to those acts in force at that time were blended or "consolidated" into the original text.

Part 1 of the Table of Public Statutes lists all the consolidated acts from the RSY 2002 plus all acts enacted by the Legislature after the cut-off date for inclusion in the RSY 2002 (which was December 31, 2002). However, acts that have been repealed for more than 5 years are not listed in the table.

Acts in the RSY 2002 came into force on January 1, 2003. An act enacted after December 31, 2002 comes into force on the date it receives assent unless we've noted another date in the table.


RSY = Revised Statutes of the Yukon; SY = Statutes of Yukon; c. = chapter; s. = section; ss. = sub-section; para. = paragraph; subpara. = subparagraph


There are currently no Acts listed under K.